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Many things have happened during these last 6 years or so. Especially watches, although the numbers have been significantly increased, but the main thing behind was to get more 'quality' and 'valuable' items.
Frankly, during the first year of this "disease" (2003), I would say quite numbers of watches in my collection were bought only for "the sake of buying". I think it is a common when you are new to certain hobby.

NOS stuff, rare items and not necessary "wearable" are my priority now.
The other progress was that now we have a small community of Russian watches enthusiasts here in Singapore. We had our first gathering in November 2005--you can find a short report on the "Blog and News" page, and of course, RedArmyWatches (More on "Link" page) played an important part of the growing of this community with the opening of their 3rd shop here in Singapore.
We had another 4 gatherings after that. I made a short clip about one of the gatherings.
(Details in "Blog and News").

Anyway, for the first timer here, this website is about my Russian watches collection. I like them because of their uniqueness, durability and their historical backgrounds.

Here, you can find pictures of my collection with short brief and explanation of each one of them.

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